How to Maximize your Lottery Chances with a Lottery Syndicate

If you’re at all familiar with lottery games, you know that the odds are heavily against your winning, but you probably figure that somebody has to win, right? There is a way that you can increase your odds of winning dramatically by joining an e-Lottery syndicate.

Because of the Internet, you can play e-Lottery no matter where you live in the world. Lottery syndicates increase your chances of winning the UK National Lotto and Euro Millions, the European lottery. Both of these lotteries offer some of the richest lump sum, tax-free jackpots worldwide.

Since the early 2000s lottery syndicates have paid out millions of pounds in cash to thousands of people all over the world.

The way lottery syndicates work is by pooling entries and playing every bonus number on every drawing. What this does is, by guaranteeing you’ll match a bonus number, you’ve gone from having to match six numbers to only having to match five numbers. While it may not sound like a very big difference, it shortens the odds from 14,000,000:1 to 1,900,000:1.

If at least three numbers from your syndicate are drawn, you and everyone else in your syndicate will split a cash prize. The probability of this happening is 1 in 13.

When your entry is pooled in a syndicate of 49, the five main numbers are all played 44 times, with the sixth number running from 6 to 49. Since the 6th number drawn falls in that range, one of your entries is guaranteed to match the 6th number. In the Euro Millions draw, a similar syndicate guarantees matches of both “Lucky Star” numbers in each draw.

Another bonus of being in a lottery syndicate is that when your three numbers or five numbers match those drawn, you’ve entered that combination 44 times in the UK National Lotto. A similar setup in the Euro Millions draw means you can win up to 36 cash prizes in the Euro Millions draw.

Statistically speaking, even after a cash prize has been divvied up among the 49 members of a UK Lotto syndicate or among 39 members of a Euro Millions syndicate, you win more money than you would playing alone in the same games and matching the same numbers.

Lottery syndicates drastically improve your chances of winning, and the fact that it’s all done online means you save the hassle of purchasing individual lottery tickets every week. A database for each syndicate checks your numbers automatically, and emails the results to you. If you win, your share of the prize money will be sent to you, wherever you are in the world.

You subscribe to a lottery syndicate on a weekly basis. For example, a syndicate for the UK Lotto can be bought into for £5 per week (roughly $7.50 US, $9 CAN). This will give you 36 entries into the Euro Millions draw, or if you prefer, 88 entries into the UK National Lotto broken down as 44 for the Saturday drawing and 44 for the Wednesday drawing.

If you were to play both syndicates, you would have 36+88, or 124 entries for £10 per week. You are allowed to quit your syndicate at any time. Though cash prizes are awarded in British Pounds Sterling, services like Click2Pay or MoneyBookers can convert winnings to other currencies online.

Some lottery syndicates also operate as multi level management companies, allowing members to own their own lottery syndicate website and with their own syndicates make residual income for themselves. This is because members earn the £5 per week from members of their sub-syndicate, and they fill in any missing syndicate spaces as a member as well. For members who build their own sub-syndicates, they are effectively playing the lottery for free, since the entries are paid for by the sub-syndicate members.