Famous Casino Drinks

If you spend a lot of time in a Casino, than you might have noticed that some of the drinks that they offer are confusing. You might see some that you would like to try, but are afraid to do so for the exorbitant price! After all, that is a lot of money to pay for a drink that you will not like. So, here are some of the most popular, favorite casino drinks out there. So, next time you are out gambling, you can order drinks that have a reputation for being good, not just alcoholic.

First, you could order a margarita. This famous drink is known for it’s fine flavor, and for it’s salty/sweet combination of flavors. It is a Tequila and Cointreau blend of liquor, with a touch of lime sauce. A drink for any occasion, you can enjoy a Margarita at any Casino in Los Vegas, or even in the entire world.

Another fine drink to try is a Martini. A Martini is a drink that consists mostly of Gin and Vermouth. The ratio of these two is generally three to one respectively, but this completely depends on your personal taste. You can serve it with a twist, which means that there will be a little bit of lemon in it… and it is generally either shaken or stirred, depending upon how you ask for it.

Or, why not try a Bloody Mary? Those who do not like tomato sauce might detest the taste of these drinks, but to those who enjoy this rather infamous delicacy might learn that Bloody Marys are actually quite good. They are made with Vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon or lime flavoring, some spices, and are usually garnished with either a pickle spear or a stalk of celery.