Becoming a Gambling mathematics professional

If you really enjoy working with numbers, and you really enjoy poker, poker machines, and casinos, than there is a job that might be just perfect for you! If you have a degree in mathematics, than you could look into becoming a gambling mathematics professional.

There are a lot of companies, especially slot machine companies, that need mathematicians to do calculations for them. Often there are tons to be done, and this work is good work that keeps coming, providing an income that is pretty steady.

Not only that, but you can spend your days working with poker machines too! If this is something that you would enjoy doing, here are some tips for breaking into the business.

First, you will need a degree in mathematics. Second, you will need to get into contact with some slot machine companies. There are several that you should try, including AC Coin & Slot, Aristocrat Technologies, Cadillac Jack, and even Atronic Americas. There are all kinds, but these are good ones to start off contacting. You can also look further into it, and get in touch with as many companies as you can. Some of these companies need to have thousands of employees at a time, so your chances of getting on are good if you keep trying.

Being a mathematician working for a slot machine company is an ideal way to use your math skills. It is fun, pretty easy, and will provide you with a job that you can enjoy, especially if you are a poker fan. And the best part is that this is a way to make a living out of poker that doesn’t involve losing money! Instead of gambling, you get paid to “build”  and test the gambling machines!